1. Technical Expertise

Throughout my career, I have developed extensive experience in various technologies and methodologies. I have worked with frontend technologies such as React and TypeScript, as well as backend frameworks like dotnet core. My work has also involved API development, utilizing Python to create payment processing solutions that integrate with Stripe, FirstData, and WorldPay.

In addition to my hands-on development experience, I have been actively involved in implementing and promoting best practices like Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile methodologies. I’ve led teams in building integration test suites, scaling resource-intensive transaction exports using Azure, and adopting continuous deployment processes.

As an advocate for developer efficiency, I have created innovative tools such as a database query summarizer and email reporting automation that have become popular among my colleagues. My experience with cloud-native technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm has further contributed to my ability to create robust and scalable solutions.