7. How I Work

An overview of my work approach across various aspects.

7.1. Summary

I specialize in designing and building maintainable and extensible software by collaborating with Product Managers and leading small teams through a well-structured plan. I employ Agile principles to ensure a reliable and increasing velocity while maintaining a downward trend in burn-down charts. By identifying and resolving development roadblocks, I improve the overall software development process.

My software is easy to maintain due to comprehensive testing (unit, integration, acceptance) and extensive documentation. I emphasize Clean Architecture principles, keeping the core business logic separate from frameworks and other peripheral concerns. This approach allows for easy adaptation to major changes without significant refactoring.

I foster a culture of continuous knowledge sharing and delegation within my team, ensuring they can succeed even when I move on to new projects.

7.2. Test-Driven Developer

As a Test-Driven Developer, I begin with writing tests to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of requirements and ask insightful follow-up questions

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration to complete tasks more efficiently

  • Provide accurate updates on task progress and workload

  • Develop an extensible design

  • Create testable software

7.3. Design

I focus on creating composable and extensible code by building in layers and defining interfaces. By injecting dependencies that implement these interfaces, I avoid assumptions about code callers, facilitating reusability. With experience in legacy codebases, I patiently make incremental improvements to design rather than attempting large-scale refactors.

7.4. Infrastructure

Having worked in a DevOps environment, I am skilled in managing infrastructure and deployment concerns, including Docker and Kubernetes. As a knowledgeable resource for the team, I guide them in implementing best practices for these tools.

7.5. Operations and Observability

Beyond developing quality software, I monitor production systems using observability tools. My experience includes integrating monitoring and resiliency features into production code, using the USE and RED models to troubleshoot live issues.

7.6. Leadership

I effectively manage remote/distributed teams by:

  • Encouraging self-service solutions through documentation

  • Prioritizing unblocking team members (e.g., code reviews)

  • Sharing responsibilities such as rotating meeting times

  • Focusing on technical leadership while delegating people management tasks

7.7. Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master, I guide my team in applying Agile methodologies using the Scrum model. I emphasize defining the "Definition of Done" and planning small, manageable stories. Additionally, I advocate for frequent releases (including continuous deployment) to deliver value to end users as quickly as possible.