4. Job Experience

4.1. Bill

As the first engineer on the Developer Platform Team, I was responsible for the inception and growth of the team’s technological capabilities, which led to the successful delivery of high-quality software solutions. Some of the key achievements during my tenure include:

  1. Established a new microservice architecture using Java and Micronaut, creating a solid foundation for the developer platform’s scalability and performance.

  2. Designed and implemented webhooks with Java, Micronaut, and DynamoDB, ensuring seamless communication and integration between various components of the platform.

  3. Automated building multi-language client libraries, facilitating easy adoption of the platform by developers across different technology stacks.

  4. Created and shared reusable components with the development community within the company, improving the overall efficiency and productivity of software projects.

  5. Mentored new hires and interns, fostering a collaborative and learning-driven environment within the team.

  6. Conducted interviews and contributed to the hiring process, helping to onboard skilled team members who contributed to the success of the developer platform.

  7. Set up an effective onboarding process for new team members, streamlining their integration into the team and accelerating their contributions to the platform.

  8. Established team processes for onboarding, code review, and software development best practices, ensuring a consistent and high-quality output from the team.

  9. Implemented Jira for project management and set up epics, stories, and detailed tasks, enabling efficient planning and tracking of the team’s progress.

As the Lead Software Engineer of the Developer Platform Team, I played a crucial role in laying the groundwork for a successful and innovative platform that has become an essential resource for the company’s software development ecosystem.

4.2. Infinicept

As a Principal Software Engineer during my initial year at the company, I quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to Software Architect. My technical leadership was exemplified through the development of innovative solutions and the establishment of new processes.

Utilizing a robust tech stack, including React (with TypeScript) for frontend and .NET Core 3.1 and 5.0 for backend, I implemented APIs and batch services that enabled clients to facilitate transactions. These services involved extensive data imports in WorldPay (EMAF, CHARTS) and FirstData specific formats.

Key achievements during my tenure include:

  1. Developing a comprehensive integration test suite from scratch, which transformed our 'legacy' product into one that fully embraces Test Driven Development (TDD). Dependencies for running tests were managed using Docker containers and orchestrated with Docker Compose.

  2. Scaling resource-intensive and often failing transaction exports (to CSV) by implementing an asynchronous solution that notified users via email when files were ready. This efficient system was achieved by leveraging Azure Storage account to directly store large files. After successfully building and documenting the first version, the team used this process to implement the remaining seven exports.

  3. Advocating for and successfully implementing new processes such as weekly operational reviews, bi-weekly architecture reviews, SQL reviews before production deployment, design discussion steps in the SDLC process, and a fork/PR process for updating Postman API collections.

  4. Designing and building a robust internal architecture that facilitates seamless future integrations with minimal errors or time investment.

My experience showcases my ability to lead technical teams and drive innovation, making me an asset in any organization seeking to advance its technological capabilities.

4.3. Fivestars

As a versatile software engineer, I utilized Python 3 to develop an API service for internal clients to streamline payment processing. This API server seamlessly communicated with Stripe, FirstData, and WorldPay/Vantiv, ensuring Fivestars maintained a reliable source of truth for payments.

Key accomplishments include:

  1. Designing and building the now GA implementation of payment processing.

  2. Refactoring the alpha version (implemented before my tenure) to align with my newly designed architecture.

  3. Adopting a Test Driven Development approach, training and guiding development teams on incorporating this methodology in their daily tasks.

  4. Serving as the go-to resource for code reviews, design patterns, and infrastructure technology expertise.

In terms of cloud-native and developer experience improvements, I contributed to:

  1. Creating setup scripts to configure developer machines using Ansible.

  2. Being an early adopter of the remote containers extension in VSCode, demonstrating its benefits to the team and promoting its use for connecting to containers in local minikube clusters.

  3. Conducting POCs with Fairwinds Polaris and Pluto tools, and integrating them into a sample Jenkins pipeline.

  4. Writing scripts to validate Helm templates across all environments (dev, QA, staging, and production) without initiating a release.

  5. Developing a script to compare generated manifests from Helm templates against the master branch, enabling an understanding of potential changes during new releases.

  6. Contributing to the company’s open-source project, Aladdin, enhancing its extensibility and appeal to external users.

  7. Executing POCs with hadolint to validate Dockerfiles as part of the CI pipeline.

  8. Participating in a volunteer team to evaluate different service mesh solutions, ultimately identifying Istio as the ideal solution for the company.

My diverse skill set demonstrates my ability to lead teams in adopting modern development practices.

4.4. NetSuite

In my role, I actively collaborate with product managers to ensure high-level requirements are well-defined, align with the current product, and complement ongoing projects. This involves working closely with the development team to:

  1. Create and document comprehensive designs, effectively communicating them to all team members to minimize surprises during implementation.

  2. Break down requirements into stories and tasks, planning the optimal implementation sequence, and assigning tasks based on individual interests and skills.

  3. Engage in hands-on implementation of features using Java, SQL, and JavaScript, while simultaneously training team members on new skills acquired.

  4. Stay informed about features implemented by other teams, providing guidance to align with company-wide goals for unified features and a common architecture.

Additionally, I contribute to the hiring process by: Evaluating each step of the recruitment process and facilitating meetings to optimize results at every stage.

Throughout project lifecycles, I: Launch and hand over major projects to other employees, including significant unit testing activities and various internal initiatives that benefit the entire company.

As a Scrum Master, I collaborate with product managers and tech leads to:

  1. Ensure a sufficient backlog of well-defined stories for upcoming sprints.

  2. Continuously monitor story progress and resource allocation, guaranteeing team members have adequate new work as they complete tasks.

My diverse skill set and proactive approach to project management enable me to effectively lead teams and drive innovation across the organization.

4.5. PayPal

As a Technical Product Manager, my role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  1. Accurately interpreting customer and business unit requirements and communicating them to internal teams in a clear and systematic manner.

  2. Collaborating with engineering, QA, documentation, professional services, and technical support teams to deliver a compelling product that addresses critical business needs and delights customers.

  3. Working closely with charter customers to gather product feedback and ensure customer success.

  4. Offering product expertise during competitive sales cycles, marketing events, and other outbound activities as needed.

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I was awarded 2nd prize in PayPal’s internal contest for innovative solutions, showcasing my ability to develop creative and impactful ideas.

My experience as a Technical Product Manager demonstrates my ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and collaboration across teams to deliver exceptional products and customer experiences.

As a developer in the Marketplaces team, I played a key role in implementing a checkout flow for German users and a shipping tool for US users. My contributions included:

  1. Leading a team of three members, ensuring effective collaboration and project execution.

  2. Conceptualizing, designing, and implementing tools for developers, such as:

  3. A highly popular tool to list and summarize all database queries executed (along with stack trace) within a specific flow.

  4. A tool to trace all C++ function calls for a given program execution.

In addition to developer tools, I also created solutions for product managers:

Developing a tool to automate the generation of reports on emails sent by the PayPal system, allowing product managers to identify high-volume emails and optimize or improve them.

My experience as both a developer and team lead highlights my ability to create innovative solutions and manage teams effectively, ensuring the delivery of high-quality outcomes that benefit various stakeholders within the organization.